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Open book 01.svg Mpamaritra


  1. Broken, cut or trimmed into pieces of a convenient size, or formed into small blocks; cobbled.
  2. Remaining on, or taken from the cob, (as in "cobbed corn").
  3. Built of mud cobbles, and sealed with mud or an artificial equivalent.
  4. Crudely or roughly assembled; put together in an improvised way, (as in "cobbed together").
  5. Struck with misfortune (possibly a contraction of clobbered)
  6. Endrika:dialect Odd, peculiar, strange. (Comparative can be cobb'der and superlative can be cobb'dest).

Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny


  1. Endrika efa lasa an'ny matoanteny cob

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