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Omniglot Entry[Ovay]

It seems like I may want to share this online page, just in case we need to do some surgical edits. --Lo Ximiendo (discussion) 24 Oktobra 2013 à 05:20 (UTC)[répondre]

P.S. Cheers when it comes to vaovao short story correspondence. --Lo Ximiendo (discussion) 24 Oktobra 2013 à 05:22 (UTC)[répondre]
Hi, thanks for sharing. I have already worked on the online page you showed above, and it seems that almost all the entries in the dictionaries cited there exist here. Something I would need just now is a free synonyms dictionary. —Jagwargrrrr... / homewiki 24 Oktobra 2013 à 10:02 (UTC)[répondre]
At least I edited my userpage in a surgical manner. (Boy am I such an Iatro-Cult or what?) --Lo Ximiendo (discussion) 24 Oktobra 2013 à 17:22 (UTC)[répondre]
Well, you seem to be very inspired by Medicine/Surgery these days, isn't it? In the case you are interested, there is a category for Malagasy sorabe. If you feel confident in Arabic scripts (and in a lesser measure, in French), here's something that a dictionary like this may need. —Jagwargrrrr... / homewiki 24 Oktobra 2013 à 20:51 (UTC)[répondre]