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Anarana iombonana


  1. Ny porofo dia ny tohan-kevitra (toy ny tohan-kevitra momba ny toerana iray); porofo, porofo
  2. lohahevitra
  3. teboka, lohahevitra
  4. tetika, indrindra fa amin'ny teatra



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    • a strong, striking proof: argumentum firmum, magnum
    • to bring forward a proof: argumentum afferre
    • to quote an argument in favour of immortality: argumentum immortalitatis afferre (not pro)
    • to bring forward a proof of the immortality of the soul: argumentum afferre, quo animos immortales esse demonstratur
    • a proof of this is that..: argumento huic rei est, quod
    • to prove a thing indisputably: argumentis confirmare, comprobare, evincere aliquid (or c. Acc. c. Inf.)
    • to derive an argument from a thing: argumentum ducere, sumere ex aliqua re or petere ab aliqua re
    • to persist in an argument, press a point: argumentum premere (not urgere)
    • the points on which proofs are based; the grounds of proof: loci (τόποι) argumentorum (De Or. 2. 162)
    • to refute arguments: argumenta refellere, confutare
    • the plot of the piece: argumentum
    • I have nothing to write about: non habeo argumentum scribendi
    • I have nothing to write about: deest mihi argumentum ad scribendum (Att. 9. 7. 7)
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  • Ity pejy ity dia nadika avy amin'ny pejy argumentum tao amin'ny Wikibolana amin'ny teny anglisy. (lisitry ny mpandray anjara)