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A circinate fern leaf


From Endrika:etyl (Circinatus) , past participle of (Circino)

Open book 01.svg Mpamaritra


  1. Endrika:botany Used of leaves or similar parts that are coiled on themselves from the apex toward their base.
  2. Endrika:medicine Round or ring-shaped, particularly with distinct margins forming some sort of motive; annular.

Usage notes[Ovay]

  • Most often the term is used in botany with regard to the way a leaf is "packaged" inside a bud.

Derived terms[Ovay]



Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny

circinate  ♦ X-SAMPA : AAI :

fanononana ?
  1. mpanao faharoa ploraly ny filaza mandidy ankehitriny ny endriky ny mpanao ny matoanteny circino

Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny

circināte AAI : kiɾkinate
  1. mpanao faharoa ploraly endrika ankehitriny amin'ny endriky ny matoantenin'ny mpanao amin'ny filaza mandidy ny matoanteny circino.

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