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Avy amin'i Wikibolana — Rakibolana malagasy malalaka





  1. Ny hoe " hitranga " dia midika hoe: hitranga, hitranga
  2. mahatakatra, mahatsikaritra, mianatra, mahafantatra
  3. mahazo, mahatratra
  4. maka tahaka, manahaka, manaiky, mankatò
  5. manatratra, mahatratra
  6. manatrika, miaraka, manara-maso
  7. manenjika, manaraka; mitady, mitady
  8. mihetsika, mandeha, tonga, mandalo na manaraka, na manaraka ny hafa (amin'ny fotoana sy/na toerana)
  9. mitovitovy na mitovy amin'ny olona iray na zavatra iray



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    • to catch some one up: consequi, assequi aliquem
    • to derive (great) profit , advantage from a thing: fructum (uberrimum) capere, percipere, consequi ex aliqua re
    • to win (undying) fame: gloriam (immortalem) consequi, adipisci
    • to attain eternal renown: immortalitatem consequi, adipisci, sibi parere
    • to conjecture: coniectura assequi, consequi, aliquid coniectura colligere
    • to acquire knowledge of a subject: scientiam alicuius rei consequi
    • to obtain a result in something: aliquid efficere, consequi in aliqua re (De Or. 1. 33. 152)
    • to acquire influence: opes, gratiam, potentiam consequi
    • to overtake the enemy: hostes assequi, consequi
  • Ity pejy ity dia nadika avy amin'ny pejy consequor tao amin'ny Wikibolana amin'ny teny anglisy. (lisitry ny mpandray anjara)