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Etymology 1[Ovay]

From Endrika:prefix.

Open book 01.svg Matoanteny[Ovay]


  1. (taloha) To girt; to surround or encircle.

Etymology 2[Ovay]

Inflected forms.

Open book 01.svg Matoanteny[Ovay]


  1. Endrika partisipa efa lasa an'ny matoanteny engird

Open book 01.svg Mpamaritra[Ovay]


  1. Endrika:rare Encircled, surrounded.
    • 1992, Hilary Mantel, A Place of Greater Safety, Harper Perennial 2007, p. 64:
      They noted too his cavalier way with the facts of a case, and his ability to twist the most mundane judicial dictum into the pronouncement of some engirt tyrant, whose fortress he and he alone must storm.

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