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    • to begin a journey (on foot, on horseback, by land): iter ingredi (pedibus, equo, terra)
    • to ride: equo vehi
    • to saddle a horse: sternere equum
    • to mount: conscendere equum
    • to mount: ascendere in equum
    • to dismount: descendere ex equo
    • to be on horseback: in equo sedere; equo insidēre
    • to sit a horse well; to have a good seat: (in) equo haerere
    • to put spurs to a horse: calcaria subdere equo
    • to put spurs to a horse: calcaribus equum concitare
    • at full gallop: equo citato or admisso
    • ride against any one at full speed; charge a person: equum in aliquem concitare
    • to give a horse the reins: admittere, permittere equum
    • to give a horse the reins: frenos dare equo
    • to make a horse prance: agitare equum
    • to manage a horse: moderari equum
    • the horses are panic-stricken, run away: equi consternantur
    • to bring horses to the halt when at full gallop: equos incitatos sustinere
    • to keep horses, dogs: alere equos, canes
    • to serve in the cavalry, infantry: equo, pedibus merere (Liv. 27. 11)
    • to capture horses: capere equos
    • to fight on horseback: ex equo pugnare
  • Ity pejy ity dia nadika avy amin'ny pejy equus tao amin'ny Wikibolana amin'ny teny anglisy. (lisitry ny mpandray anjara)