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Origine et histoire de « excogitate » Etimolojia

From Latin excōgitāre, from ex- + cōgitāre ‘think’.

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  1. To think over something carefully; to consider fully; cogitate.
    • 2007: Did he ponder the harmony of the spheres? Certainly not: celestial spheres were first excogitated decades or more after Pythagoras' death. — MF Burnyeat, ‘Other Lives’, London Review of Books 29:4, p. 3
  2. To come to a conclusion through reason or careful thought.
    After many years of study, he excogitated a solution.


Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny

excōgitāte AAI : fanononana ?
  1. mpanao faharoa ploraly endrika ankehitriny amin'ny endriky ny matoantenin'ny mpanao amin'ny filaza mandidy ny matoanteny excogito.

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