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  • IPA(Tsy misy kaodim-piteny voalaza.): /fʌkt/
  • Hirahiran'ankizy: -ʌkt

Open book 01.svg Mpamaritra


  1. Endrika:vulgar Broken.
    I can't repair your computer, it's fucked, mate.
  2. Endrika:vulgar In trouble.
    He's lost his map in the middle of a desert! He's fucked.
  3. Endrika:vulgar Very drunk.
    Man, I was mixing all sorts of drinks, and by the end of the night I was so fucked!
  4. Endrika:vulgar Annoying or mean.
    I'll be awake all night finishing all the work I had to bring home. That is so fucked!


Derived terms[Ovay]

Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny


  1. Endrika:vulgar Endrika efa lasa an'ny matoanteny fuck

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