fucked up

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Arrowyellow.png Jereo koa : fucked-up



  • IPA(Tsy misy kaodim-piteny voalaza.): /ˌfʌktˈʌp/

Open book 01.svg Matoanteny

fucked up

  1. Endrika efa lasa an'ny matoanteny fuck up
    I fucked up my car last night.

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  1. Endrika:idiom damaged; poorly manufactured; injured
    I haven’t been able to get online ’cause my computer's all fucked up.
    My back’s all fucked up from football.
  2. Endrika:idiom reprehensible; clearly and grossly objectionable
    Dude, that’s fucked up; you shouldn’t steal from kids.
    That new policy's fucked up, man; how many more freedoms can we lose?
  3. Endrika:idiom in disarray or dishevelment (emotionally or otherwise)
    Ever since she left me, I’ve been all fucked up.
  4. Endrika:idiom drunk; wasted; incredibly intoxicated (not necessarily with alcohol)
    Let’s go get fucked up after work.

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