put up

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  1. Endrika:transitive To place in a high location.
    Please put up your luggage in the overhead bins.
  2. Endrika:transitive To hang or mount.
    Many people put up messages upon their refrigerator.
  3. Endrika:transitive To cajole or dare to do something.
    I think someone put him up to it.
  4. Endrika:transitive To store away.
    Be sure to put up the tools when you finish.
  5. Endrika:transitive To house, shelter, or take in.
    We can put you up for the night.
  6. Endrika:transitive To present, especially in "put up a fight".
    That last fighter put up quite a fight.
  7. (taloha) To endure, put up with.
    • 1621, Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, II.3.7:
      Dionysius of Syracuse, in his exile, was made to stand without dore [...]; he wisely put it up, and laid the fault where it was, on his own pride and scorn, which in his prosperity he had formerly showed others.