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    • (ambiguous) to fail to see what lies before one: quod ante pedes est or positum est, non videre
    • (ambiguous) the rest of one's life: quod reliquum est vitae
    • (ambiguous) it is most fortunate that..: peropportune accidit, quod
    • (ambiguous) you were right in...; you did right to..: recte, bene fecisti quod...
    • (ambiguous) a thing which is rather (very) dubious: quod aliquam (magnam) dubitationem habet (Leg. Agr. 1. 4. 11)
    • (ambiguous) as far as I know: quod sciam
    • (ambiguous) he attained his object: id quod voluit consecutus est
    • (ambiguous) he attained his object: ad id quod voluit pervenit
    • (ambiguous) a proof of this is that..: argumento huic rei est, quod
    • (ambiguous) the point at issue: id, de quo agitur or id quod cadit in controversiam
    • (ambiguous) a digression, episode: quod ornandi causa additum est
    • (ambiguous) I have nothing to write about: non habeo, non est quod scribam
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: id quod (mihi) propositum est
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: id quod quaerimus (quaeritur)
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: institutum or id quod institui
    • (ambiguous) as the proverb says: ut or quod or quomodo aiunt, ut or quemadmodum dicitur
    • (ambiguous) I am pained, vexed, sorry: aegre, graviter, moleste fero aliquid (or with Acc. c. Inf. or quod)
    • (ambiguous) and may God grant success: quod deus bene vertat!
    • (ambiguous) and may heaven avert the omen! heaven preserve us from this: quod di immortales omen avertant! (Phil. 44. 11)
    • (ambiguous) God forbid: quod abominor! (procul absit!)
    • (ambiguous) may heaven's blessing rest on it: quod bonum, faustum, felix, fortunatumque sit! (Div. 1. 45. 102)
    • (ambiguous) I will give you my true opinion: dicam quod sentio
    • (ambiguous) without wishing to boast, yet..: quod vere praedicare possum
    • (ambiguous) which I can say without offence, arrogance: quod non arroganter dixerim
    • (ambiguous) to except the fact that..: praeterquam quod or nisi quod
    • (ambiguous) the main point: id quod maximum, gravissimum est
    • (ambiguous) the main point: quod caput est
    • (ambiguous) what is more important: quod maius est
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