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Hanketo: Fikarohana, karohy



Alternative forms[Ovay]

Etymology 1[Ovay]

Germanic, from Endrika:etyl scelle, scille, cognate with Middle Lower German schelle, Anglo-saxon sciell, Middle (=modern) English shell, Old Norse skel, Gothic skalja etc., and other Indo-European languages

Open book 01.svg Matoanteny

  1. The peel, rind, skin etc. on fruit and similar plant parts
  2. The peelings etc. created by removing the above; also used a fodder
  3. A candied fruit (notably orange - or lemon) peel
  4. The bark on a woody plant part
  5. A crust, notably of soil
  6. A shell, notably on an egg
  7. (taloha) A slice
  8. (taloha) A membrane covering the eye; used figuratively in the absolute plural (de schillen) for (mental) blindness
Derived terms[Ovay]

Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny[Ovay]


  1. mpanao voalohany singiolary ny endrika manoro ny tao ny matoanteny schillen
  2. filaza mandidy ny matoanteny schillen

Etymology 2[Ovay]

Germanic, presumed a corruptation of schelp

Derived terms[Ovay]