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  1. ploraly ny fiendrika manano ny matoanteny veritus



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    • to turn a deaf ear to, to open one's ears to..: aures claudere, patefacere (e.g. veritati, assentatoribus)
    • to be truthful in all one's statements: omnia ad veritatem dicere
    • truthful; veracious: veritatis amans, diligens, studiosus
    • to swerve from the truth: a veritate deflectere, desciscere
    • (1) to make a lifelike natural representation of a thing (used of the artist); (2) to be lifelike (of a work of art): veritatem imitari (Div. 1. 13. 23)
    • (ambiguous) veracity: veritas
    • (ambiguous) in everything nature defies imitation: in omni re vincit imitationem veritas
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