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Origine et histoire de « ash » Etimolojia

Open book 01.svg Anarana iombonana

ash  ♦ X-SAMPA : AAI : /æʃ/

  1. lavenona
    • The audience was more captivated by the growing ash at the end of his cigarette than by his words.
    • Ash from a fireplace can restore minerals to your garden's soil.
    • Ashes from the fire floated over the street.
    • Ash from the fire floated over the street.
    • The urn containing his ashes was eventually removed to a closet.
    • 1919, Harry Gordon, Total Soluble and Insoluble Ash in Leather, published in the Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association, W. K. Alsop and W. A. Fox, eds, volume XIV, number 1, on page 253
    • 1981, Hans Weill, Margaret Turner-Warwick, and Claude Lenfant, eds, Occupational Lung Diseases: Research Approaches and Methods, Lung Biology in Health and disease, volume 18, page 203
    • 1989?, Annals of Botany, volume 64, issues 4-6, page 397
    • 2010, S. Suzanne Nielsen, ed, Food Analysis, fourth edition, ISBN 978-1-4419-1477-4, Chapter 12, "Traditional Methods for Mineral Analysis", page 213
    • (...)

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  1. japoney : debu
  2. litoanianina : uosis
  3. malagasy : lavenona
  4. poloney : jesion
  5. tseka : jasan
  6. vietnamiana : tro