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  • FIA: /æ.ksi.ɒˈmɑːtæ/


axiomata pluriel

  1. Endrika:irregular plural of
    • 1882: Alfred William Benn, The Greek Philosophers, p375
      We do, indeed, find mention made of axiomata or general propositions to a greater extent than in the Organon, but they are never clearly distinguished…
    • 1947: Theodore van Schelven, An Introduction to Definitive Philosophy and Basic Psychology, p34
      These pairs of extra-monads contain 32 ideas; so there may be 16 groups of axiomata in the theory of numbers, and 16 groups of axiomata in common or indefinite…
    • 1985: William Kneale & Martha Kneale, The Development of Logic, p53
      The truth of other axiomata would have to be defined in terms of the truth of these.
    • 1987: Paul Guyer, Kant and the Claims of Knowledge, p65
      Kant refers to these principles as “axioms” (axiomata)…
    • 2003: J. J. Van Der Leeuw, Conquest of Illusion, p52
      These axiomata themselves are self-evident to us; we do not feel that they need proving and recognize them intuitively.
    • 2003: Brad Inwood, The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics, p261
      The only text (SE M VII 246 = SVF 2.65 = LS 3of) that seems to offer evidence that individual impressions might be correlated with multiple axiomata is…