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Circa 1600, from Endrika:etyl (Conniver), from Endrika:etyl (Conniveo), (Conivere) or directly from Latin, from (Com-) + base akin to (Nicto), from Endrika:proto.[1] See also anglisy (Nictate), from same Latin base. Sense comes from extension of “to wink” into “to wink (at a crime), to be privy”.

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  1. to cooperate with others secretly in order to commit a crime; to collude
  2. to plot or scheme
  3. to pretend to be ignorant of something in order to escape blame
  4. to be a wench




Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny

connive  ♦ X-SAMPA : AAI :

fanononana ?
  1. mpanao faharoa singiolary ny filaza mandidy ankehitriny ny endriky ny mpanao ny matoanteny conniveo

Open book 01.svg Bika matoanteny

connīvē AAI : konniwe
  1. mpanao faharoa singiolary endrika ankehitriny amin'ny endriky ny matoantenin'ny mpanao amin'ny filaza mandidy ny matoanteny conniveo.

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