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Open book 01.svg Anarana iombonana [[sokajy:Endrika:kam]][[Catégorie:Anarana iombonana amin'ny teny Endrika:kam]]

ethe  ♦ X-SAMPA : AAI : fanononana ?[[Sokajy:Zavatra tsy ampy/fanononana tsy ampy amin'ny teny Endrika:kam]]

  1. rayAvy amin'ny dikantenin'i father teo amin'i Wikibolana anglisy.


Open book 01.svg Anarana iombonana

ethe  ♦ X-SAMPA : AAI : fanononana ?

  1. tazomoka, tazo Avy amin'ny dikantenin'i fever teo amin'i Wikibolana anglisy.



  • FIA: /ˈiː.θɛ/

Open book 01.svg Anarana iombonana

ethe pluriel

  1. Endrika ploraly an'ny teny ethos.
    • 1892: Bernhard Bosanquet, A History of Aesthetic, p72
      And it is a further proof of our view, that beginners in poetry attain completeness in expression and ethe [plural of ethos], before they are capable of composing the march of incidents; almost all the earliest poets are instances of this.
    • 1942: International Universities Press, Journal of Legal and Political Sociology, p85
      The relation between social groups and their ethe is rational; they vary in fixed ratios.
    • 2003: Patchen Markell, Bound by Recognition, p76
      …it makes sense to say that these speeches are representations of their ethe.


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