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Anarana iombonana


  1. Hazon'elefanta
  2. Vondron'olona
  3. ankilany
  4. fahefana
  5. fanindronana amin'ny sabatra
  6. ny fiterahana
  7. sampana hazo
  8. tanana
  9. tarika
  10. tongotry ny biby
  11. tsatòka (amin'ny dice)
  12. vondron'olona, orinasa, miaramila, olona maro be, indrindra fa ny miaramila


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Famakiana fanampiny



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    • to give one's hand to some one: manum (dextram) alicui porrigere
    • to make not the slightest effort; not to stir a finger: manum non vertere alicuius rei causa
    • to lay violent hands on a person: manus inicere, inferre, afferre alicui
    • to raise one's hands in astonishment: manus tollere
    • to own oneself conquered, surrender: manus dare
    • to lead some one by the hand: manu ducere aliquem
    • to hold something in one's hand: manu or in manu tenere aliquid
    • to pass a thing from hand to hand: de manu in manus or per manus tradere aliquid
    • to come into some one's hands: in alicuius manus venire, pervenire
    • to fall unexpectedly into some one's hands: in alicuius manus incidere
    • to take something into one's hands: in manus(m) sumere aliquid
    • to carry some one away in one's arms: inter manus auferre aliquem
    • to lay hands on oneself: manus, vim sibi afferre
    • to be in a person's power: in manu, in potestate alicuius situm, positum esse
    • to take up a book in one's hands: librum in manus sumere
    • to put the finishing touch to a work: extrema manus accēdit operi (active extremam manum imponere operi)
    • to kill with violence: vim et manus afferre alicui (Catil. 1. 8. 21)
    • to raise the hands to heaven (attitude of prayer): (supinas) manus ad caelum tendere
    • to shake hands with voters in canvassing: manus prensare (De Or. 1. 24. 112)
    • a town artificially fortified: oppidum manu (opere) munitum
    • to come to close quarters: manum (us) conserere cum hoste
    • the fighting is now at close quarters: res ad manus venit
    • personally brave: manu fortis
    • to throw grappling irons on board; to board: copulas, manus ferreas (in navem) inicere
    • but enough: sed manum de tabula!
    • (ambiguous) to have something in one's hands, on hand: in manibus habere aliquid (also metaphorically)
    • (ambiguous) to wrest from a person's hand: ex or de manibus alicui or alicuius extorquere aliquid
    • (ambiguous) to let go from one's hands: e manibus dimittere
    • (ambiguous) to carry in one's arms: in manibus aliquem gestare
    • (ambiguous) to slip, escape from the hands: e (de) manibus effugere, elābi
    • (ambiguous) to sit with folded arms; to be inactive: compressis manibus sedere (proverb.) (Liv. 7. 13)
    • (ambiguous) to have success in one's grasp: fortunam in manibus habere
    • (ambiguous) to let success slip through one's fingers: fortunam ex manibus dimittere
    • (ambiguous) to be engaged on a book: liber mihi est in manibus
    • (ambiguous) to be engaged on a book: librum in manibus habere (Acad. 1. 1. 2)
    • (ambiguous) the book, speech can easily be obtained: liber, oratio in manibus est
    • (ambiguous) to lay down a book (vid. sect. XII. 3, note vestem deponere...): librum de manibus ponere
    • (ambiguous) to wrest weapons from some one's hands: extorquere arma e manibus
    • (ambiguous) to not let the enemy escape: hostem e manibus non dimittere
    • (ambiguous) to escape from the hands of the enemy: effugere, elābi e manibus hostium
    • (ambiguous) to let the enemy escape: dimittere e manibus hostes
    • (ambiguous) to rescue some one from the hands of the enemy: eripere aliquem e manibus hostium
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  • Ity pejy ity dia nadika avy amin'ny pejy manus tao amin'ny Wikibolana amin'ny teny anglisy. (lisitry ny mpandray anjara)