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    • he fell ill: in morbum incidit
    • to be attacked by disease: morbo tentari or corripi
    • to be laid on a bed of sickness: morbo afflīgi
    • to be seriously ill: gravi morbo affectum esse, conflictari, vexari
    • the disease gets worse: morbus ingravescit
    • to be carried off by a disease: morbo absūmi (Sall. Iug. 5. 6)
    • to recover from a disease: ex morbo convalescere (not reconvalescere)
    • to recruit oneself after a severe illness: e gravi morbo recreari or se colligere
    • to excuse oneself on the score of health: valetudinem (morbum) excusare (Liv. 6. 22. 7)
    • to die a natural death: morbo perire, absūmi, consūmi
    • to pretend to be ill: simulare morbum
    • to pretend not to be ill: dissimulare morbum
    • to plead ill-health as an excuse for absence: excusare morbum, valetudinem
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