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  1. mampientanentana, manome aingam-panahy, mitaona
  2. manaitra, mampientanentana, mampiroborobo, mamokatra
  3. manao ezaka, manao fanatanjahan-tena
  4. manelingelina, mampihorohoro, manala
  5. manelingelina, manahy, mampijaly
  6. manomboka, manao
  7. mihetsika



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    • not to stir from one's place: loco or vestigio se non movere
    • to make an impression on the senses: sensus movere (more strongly pellere)
    • to raise a laugh: risum movere, concitare
    • to move to tears: lacrimas or fletum alicui movere
    • to be influenced by, to yield to urgent (abject) entreaty: magnis (infimis) precibus moveri
    • to make a man change his opinion: de sententia aliquem deducere, movere
    • to be moved by a thing: aliqua re moveri, commoveri
    • to be touched with pity: misericordia moveri, capi (De Or. 2. 47)
    • to fill a person with astonishment: admirationem alicui movere
    • to rouse a person's suspicions: suspicionem movere, excitare, inicere, dare alicui
    • to excite a person's wrath: stomachum, bilem alicui movere
    • movable, personal property: res, quae moveri possunt; res moventes (Liv. 5. 25. 6)
    • to overthrow a person (cf. sect. IX. 6): aliquem gradu movere, depellere or de gradu (statu) deicere
    • to expel some one from his tribe: tribu movere aliquem
    • to expel from the senate: senatu movere
    • to cause a war: bellum facere, movere, excitare
    • to begin the march, break up the camp: castra movere
    • to drive the enemy from his position: loco movere, depellere, deicere hostem (B. G. 7. 51)
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