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Etymology 1[Ovay]

From Endrika:etyl (Resentir) (Modern (Ressentir)), from (Re-) + (Sentir)

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  1. To express or exhibit displeasure or indignation at, as by words or acts.
  2. To be sensible of; to feel
  3. In a positive sense, to take well; to receive with satisfaction.
  4. In a negative sense, to take ill; to consider as an injury or affront; to be indignant at.
  5. To recognize; to perceive, especially as if by smelling; -- associated in meaning with sent, the older spelling of scent to smell. See resent (intransitive verb).
  6. To feel resentment.
  7. To give forth an odor; to smell; to savor.

Etymology 2[Ovay]

See resend.

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