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Anarana iombonana


  1. fanamafisana
  2. feo
  3. kabary, fanamarihana, fanehoana, (fihodinan'ny) fehezanteny
  4. teny


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    • an echo: vocis imago, or simply imago
    • the rocks re-echo: saxa voci respondent or resonant
    • all are unanimous: una et consentiens vox est
    • unanimously: una voce; uno ore
    • vocal and instrumental music: vocum et fidium (nervorum) cantus
    • a strong, loud voice: vox magna, clara (Sulla 10. 30)
    • a deep, high, thin, moderate voice: vox gravis, acuta, parva, mediocris
    • a melodious, ringing voice: vox canōra (Brut. 63. 234)
    • a gentle, subdued voice: vox lenis, suppressa, summissa
    • raising, lowering the voice: contentio, remissio vocis
    • no sound passed his lips: nulla vox est ab eo audita
    • to shout at the top of one's voice: magna voce clamare
    • what is the meaning, the original sense of this word: quid significat, sonat haec vox?
    • what is the meaning, the original sense of this word: quae notio or sententia subiecta est huic voci?
    • the word carere means..: vox, nomen carendi or simply carere hoc significat (Tusc. 1. 36. 88)
    • this word ends in a long syllable: haec vox longa syllaba terminatur, in longam syllabam cadit, exit
    • to use insulting expressions to any one: contumeliosis vocibus prosequi aliquem (vid. sect. VI. 11, note Prosequi...)
    • an oracle given by the Delphian Apollo (Apollo Pythius): vox Pythia (Pythica) (Liv. 1. 56)
    • (ambiguous) to speak, utter a sound: vocem mittere (sonitum reddere of things)
    • (ambiguous) to lower one's voice: vocem summittere
    • (ambiguous) to prevent some one from speaking: vocem intercludere (Just. 11. 8. 4)
    • (ambiguous) to let fall an expression: voces iacere (Sall. Iug. 11)
    • (ambiguous) insulting expressions: voces (verba) contumeliosae
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  • Ity pejy ity dia nadika avy amin'ny pejy vox tao amin'ny Wikibolana amin'ny teny anglisy. (lisitry ny mpandray anjara)